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C4U & U4C: The website which seemed to have infections with malware and phishing ware in its system so which had to be


After trying to set up some interesting nice looking website, finding out they did not work and one was even a malware trying to phishing program, which everybody should avoid, so that one I had to delete as well, coming to a more simpler appearance with a WordPress Blog.

C4U Wix 2015 Feb FramedFrom the colourful pictorial first C4U-site created on, to the blue pictorial C4U Wix site where the last one dissipated and the first one had the links not working, going along I had to retreat to the my very well-known satisfying WordPress, though  I have less visual editorial possibilities here. But at least it is a less time consuming websystem by which I hopefully shall be able to reach enough people.

The website which was only a very short time on the web: "All for Christ" at Mozello company
The website which was only a very short time on the web: “All for Christ” at Mozello company

Because Mozello did not contact me any more I shall have to forget the totally never to recommend it and to warn people not to waste their precious time, trying to create a webssite over-there. I would advice to go straight ahead to the best way of blogging system provided by WordPress, a company who also does not say it offers free blogging and like the others start asking for upgrading and paying straight ahead. No such misleading elements by WordPress which offers a straight forward system.

Therefore I’ll stick to it and get off the ground presenting the most important blogger in the world {Jehovah God} and His only begotten son Jeshua, Jesus Christ, the Messiah.

Please follow me on my road-trip to the small gate of the Kingdom of God.

3 unsuccessful website presented together on C4U & U4C: Christ for you and You for Christ
3 unsuccessful website presented together on C4U & U4C: Christ for you and You for Christ

11 February 2015
The real start for
Messiah For All

Messiah for all 2015 Feb 11+++

  • Terror From the Right: 1995 – 2014 | (
    The partner WordPress blog was suspended as of Dec 2014 and content was unpublished. A diligent effort is being made to make necessary corrections for any and all links shared which are now outdated.
  • Hosting a web page (
    You need a host (paid service) or you can choose a free hosting service like WIX, webs, wordpress etc. The first two limit you significantly. Hosting with sites like WordPress are very flexible, but your are tied in to their platform (obviously).
  • How to migrate blog and wiki away from Dreamhost – and to what? (
    I like and use WebFaction for low-maintenance shared hosting when I don’t want to be sysadmin, but it’s not as straightforward as a more traditional cPanel/Plesk host where you just dump your site files into a public_html directory. My general sense is that the big commodity providers, especially the EIG BlueDreamGatorHost brands, are much of a muchness: they oversell their servers, and get a bit shit over time unless and until you reach the right support tier.
  • How to Install WordPress to Create a Blog in 5 Easy Steps? (
    I began using WordPress 3 years ago and I had to learn on my own. At this time there were a few tutorials on how to install wordpress but they were not adapted to beginers like me so it was kind of tricky. But after a few days my blog was set up.See all stories on this topic
  • Matt Mullenweg: Open Source Needs Help from SaaS (
    Last week I was fortunate to go to Pressnomics for the first time. It was a really great conference that focused on business growth, particularly in WordPress.

The event caused some controversy for a quote on the last day. Matt Mullenweg, the co-founder of WordPress was taking some questions from Josh Strebel, the host of Pressnomics.

Matt’s company is Automattic and they make a plugin called Jetpack which provide 30+ services, all wrapped up in a single package. Some of those services are paid, some are free and several rely on the SaaS capabilities of

  • How we can each fight cybercrime with smarter habits (
    Hackers gain access to computers and networks by exploiting the weaknesses in our cyber behaviors. Many attacks use simple phishing schemes – the hacker sends an email that appears to come from a trusted source, encouraging the recipient to click a seemingly innocuous hyperlink or attachment. Clicking will launch malware and open backdoors that can be used for nefarious actions: accessing a company’s network or serving as a virtual zombie for launching attacks on other computers and servers.


No one is safe from such . Not companies at the forefront of technology such as Apple and Yahoo whose security flaws were recently exploited. Not even sophisticated national networks are home free; for instance, Israel’s was compromised using a phishing attack where an email purportedly from Shin Bet, Israel’s internal security service, with a phony PDF attachment, gave hackers remote access to its defense network.

  • Phishing (
    A phishing website or message tries to trick you into revealing personal information by appearing to be from a legitimate source, such as a bank, social network, or even Google. If you receive a suspicious message, do not provide the information requested. We’ve included some tips to help you recognize phishing and keep your account secure.
  • Phishing (
    You should always be wary of any message that asks for your personal information or messages that refer you to a web page asking for personal information. If you receive this type of message, especially from a source claiming to be Google or Gmail, please don’t provide the information requested. Google will never send unsolicited messages asking for your password or personal information, or messages containing executable attachments.


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