World for Christ with Jesus

We can’t escape living in this world having to see everything what goes wrong. We may see good and bad things, but for sure can clearly see that it is not an ideal world.

With its grey clouds often the sun may be covered and letting on us less sunny days, confronting us with the difficulties of life.

Though, those who have found the Messiah, have also found a renewed energy which can let them enjoy the beauties of this world.
Is the world not magnificent and would we not like to go to the many places on this globe?
Every day we are confronted with a lot of things happening in this world and perhaps it is worth to have a closer look at it.

Clouds over the mountain tops - Italy Summer 2007
Clouds over the mountain tops – Italy Summer 2007

You might have to tell us a lot of stories and we probably also can share some stories with you.

Be welcome in our little world of followers of Christ. You may find us all over the world, but we do agree, we are only a very small community. Though remember it is not only the numbers which make it. We do hope we can offer you also some quality.

Beginning of times

At the beginning of times the Creator offered human beings His creation to take care of it. Normally the Supreme Maker of all things had perhaps expected man to be pleased with what he got and to be obedient and law-abiding. But the first man revolted against his Maker and thought he could do it without Him. Therefore, the Most High Almighty God gave everything in the hand of man and let them do their own thing.

Though straight ahead after man went wrong, God provided a solution for the consequences of that wrongdoing, which we call sin. God promised somebody who’ll make it possible that man could escape again to the penalty of death. For centuries God sent prophets out in the world to guide people and to show them the way back to God. But man is stubborn and wants to do his own will.

After many years there came a Jewish Nazarene man who did everything to do only the will of God, which was appreciated very much by God, who called that man His only begotten beloved son. That son of man and son of God tried also to let people know what God wanted from them and how they could restore again their relationship with the heavenly Father. He told many parables to make the previous Holy Writings or Hebrew Scriptures clear.

How the World will Change - with Global Warming
How the World will Change – with Global Warming (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He also let people know that he was the Way to God and that it was high time to prepare ourselves to the Kingdom of God. Those who wanted to get a better life are better to listen to him and follow his teachings and commandments. He gave his disciples and followers the task which, in case we want to call ourselves Christian, should take seriously. Though we might be just a few, it does not mean we should not let hear our voice and not have to go out in the world to tell others how they should worry about global warming and how man is destroying this precious earth.

We also want to let the world know that the earth shall not be destroyed, but that only a few shall, in the end, be able to survive and will be able to live in a marvellous restored paradise, with the name Kingdom of God.
It is now that we should prepare ourselves to be worthy and able to enter that Kingdom of God.

We may not wait any longer because the time is at hand.


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